Organizations and Ministries

The ministries and organizations of St. George Greek Orthodox Church represent our Orthodox Christian faith in action. Each is created to fulfill needs, concerns, and expectations of the faithful, as well as to positively impact parish communities. They focus on faith, outreach, fellowship, spiritual enrichment, as well as our Hellenic culture. All provide the opportunity for laypeople – and clergy – to come together as one body in Jesus Christ.

Ministry Event Request Template – Please fill out this form to request an event to be scheduled


Acolytes Dn. Emanuel Tsarnas
AGAPE Vicki Kamaratos
     40 Day Blessing Colleen Pardenek
     Baptism      Vicki Kamaratos
     Environmental             Stewardship &               Protection Stella Fotopoulos
     Environmental             Stewardship &               Protection Christina Eliopoulos Barrows
     Faithful Hands:             Knit & Crochet Bea Paparsenos
     Funerals Sophia Anest
     Hospitality/Coffee       Hour Helpers Vicki Kamaratos
     Hospitality/Coffee       Hour Helpers Angela Koumoutsos
     New Hope: Grief           Support Group     Antonia Lyons
     Newcomers &               Visitors Antonia Lyons
     Newlyweds Angela Koumoutsos

Donna Karpodinis
Barbara Van Wagner


Angela Koumoutsos

A.H.E.P.A. Demitris Geaneas
Beacon Niki Cronen
Choir Ministry Claire Chrysanthopoulos
Daughters of Penelope Jacquelyn Marousis-Bush
G.O.Y.A. George Moutis
G.O.Y.A. Lori Billows
Greek Dance Alexandra Thomas
Greek Dance Athena Thomas
Greek School Tonia Sum
Greek School Maria Magriplis
Heritage Demitri Karagias


Peter Psillas
Iconography Anne Papageorge
Kali Parea Lela Panas
P.T.O. Barbara Panas Kozak
Philoptochos Errie Teevan
Soup Kitchen Soula Tsettos
Spiritual Enrichment Fr. Andrew Eugenis
Spiritual Enrichment Rick Deet
     Bible Study Teri Lalli
     Circle of Faith Barbara Terlecsky
     Fellowship of                 Prayer George Moutis
     Mustard Seed                 Bookstore Faye Deet
     Orthodoxy Connect Dimitris Geaneas & Tom Georges
     Seek the Light               Book Corner Vicki Kamaratos
Stewardship Dimitris Geaneas
Sunday School Kristen Cline
Young Adult League (YAL) Kristina Kamaratos