Parish Council

The Parish Council is a body of practicing Orthodox Christians in good sacramental standing with the Church. They are elected members of the parish for the purpose of working together with the Priest in fulfilling the goals and needs of the Church and preserving the Apostolic tradition. This local governing body also reflects the fundamental structure of the Orthodox Church. They who have the honor and privilege of serving the Church of Christ through service on Parish Councils hold a special trust and duty.  These matters are the foundations for the Council’s support of the Priest in his role as the Bishop’s representative to the Parish and for the continuation of the Faith and to serving Our Lord and Saviour,


George Costidis
Executive Vice President
Spiro Pappas
Vice President
Louis Koumoutsos
Athena Loesch
Asst. Treasurer
John Pardenek
George Nicholas
Asst. Secretary
George Perentesis
Parish Council
Tom Georges
George Iosifides
Teddy Kavarakas
George Moutis
Zach Roros
Dimitris Geaneas
Paul Koutouzakis
Athanasios Tsilivitis