History of our Choir

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During the tenure of Reverend Constantinides as Priest of our parish, from 1931 through 1933, composer Nicholas Roubanis came from New York to direct the Choir. He brought with him liturgical music of his own composition, much of which continues to be sung by our Choir today. Mary Panagiatopoulos (Panas) was the Church Organist. Services were held in the basement of the Asbury Park Public Library.

Throughout the years at the Library, the Intertaken Hotel, the church complex on Sewall and Grand in Asbury Park and our new home in Ocean Township, our choir has been served by many dedicated and talented teams of directors and organists including Euripides Hatzidemetriou and Mary P. Panas, Presvytera Vlahopoulos and Arthra Vlahopoulos, Nicholas Roubanis (2nd term) and Frances M. Pascal. Mr. Antonopoulos and Georgia Karagias, Marion Constas Koempel and Helen Coutros. Nora Kavalos and Catherine Choras, Irene Tsakiris and Ludwig Proskauer, Tom Hinz as director and organist, co-directors Theodore G. Zavales and Pauline Aridas, with Ingrid Weigel as organist, and director Alex Karpodinis with organist Julia Muench.

Today, the choir is served through the direction of Claire Chrysanthopoulos with Julia Muench as organist.

The Choir numbers approximately 24, several of whom have been singing in Greek churches for more than 50 years. In addition to serving St. George, some of our choir members have been active participants in the annual Holy Cross Celebrations in Asbury Park/Ocean Grove, the Eastern Federation of Greek Orthodox Choirs, numerous church consecrations, and Patriarchal visits. They proudly represent St. George, traveling to other churches throughout the Diocese in order to expand their knowledge of church music, and bring back the works of new composers to add to the Choir's liturgical repertoire.

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