Welcome to the St. George Greek School PTO. Our mission as parents and teachers is to help strengthen and grow our Greek School Program and to firmly root our children in our Greek language, heritage and culture. We encourage everyone to attend and participate in our organization and support our programs and events. Our Greek School students work hard during the year in their studies but also participate in our annual Christmas Caroling, the Christmas Program, the Three Hierarchs Program, the Greek Independence Day Celebration and the Mother’s Day Poems. Please join us for these events and support our children.

We encourage all parents and teachers to attend these meetings. We will be discussing some of the exciting events planned and get your feedback as well as thoughts and ideas for the upcoming year.

We look forward to working with you and making this a memorable school year!


2015-2016 PTO Board Members

Vacant                                                      President                                            

Anastasia Kerris                                        Vice President                       

Maria Lambrinos-Magriplis                        Treasurer                                 

Effie Provines                                           Secretary