Welcome to the St. George Greek School PTO page…Kαλώς Oρίσατε. Our mission as parents and teachers is to help strengthen and grow our Greek School program and to firmly root our children in our Greek language, heritage and culture. We encourage everyone to participate in our organization…support our programs and events…acknowledge the hard work of our Greek school students…and always feel free to contact us with any fabulous comments or suggestions. We are always looking for new ways to fulfill our mission!


Our events for the 2012-2013 school year will be kicked off with our 2nd Annual Family Picture Day at the Jersey Shore. 2012_Picture_Day_Form.pdf  Be on the lookout for our time honored traditional events, as well as some new and exciting things that are sure to create lasting memories for our Church and our children. Our preliminary schedule can be found on our webpage. Please check back often for updates. And remember, our meetings are held on the 2nd Wednesday of every month @5:15 p.m. Looking forward to a great school year!



2013-2014 St. George Greek School PTO Board Members

Melina Calabretta, President…

 Vice President…

Stavra Conlon, Secretary…

Andrea Hellinghausen, Treasurer…

St. George Greek School/PTO

Calendar of Events



September       18, 2013         Agiasmos – Greek School begins (Sept 11)


October          9, 2013            PTO Meeting – Library 5:15-6pm


November      13, 2013          PTO Meeting - Library 5:15-6pm


November       24, 2013         Spanakopita and Bake Sale


December       11, 2013          PTO Meeting – Library 5:15-6pm


December       13, 2013         Christmas Carols


December       15, 2013         Christmas Program

                                                Vasilopita / Spanakopita Sale


January             8, 2014         Greek School Vasilopita Cutting

                                                PTO Meeting - Library 5:15-6pm


January           31, 2014         Three Hierarchs Program

                                                Hosted by St. Barbara, Toms River

                                                Vespers 5:30


February           2, 2014         Fundraiser


February        12, 2014          PTO Meeting - Library 5:15-6pm


March                   2014          Family Photo Day


March             12, 2014          PTO Meeting - Library 5:15-6pm


March              23, 2014         Greek Independence Day Celebration

                                                Lenten Spanakopita Sale


April               9, 2014            PTO Meeting - Library 5:15-6pm


April                12, 2014         Greek School / Sunday School Communion Breakfast


April               13, 2014         Easter Raffle (Palm Sunday)


May                7, 2014            PTO Meeting - Library 5:15-6pm


May                11, 2014         Mother's Day Poems in Church


                               2014         Chance Auction Event


May                 28, 2014         End of Year Party


June                  1,  2014         Graduation Program/Spanakopita Sale





     Greek School classes meet every Wednesday 4:00-6:00pm (dance 6:00-7:30pm)

                                   PTO Meetings held 2nd Wednesday of each month