Welcome to the St. George Greek School PTO!  Our mission as parents and teachers is to strengthen our Greek School Program and to firmly root our children in our Greek language, heritage and culture. The PTO supports the St. George Greek School by helping to maintain communication and cooperation among parents, teachers and administrators.  In addition, we raise funds for supplemental materials, programs, and events to promote and encourage Greek culture.  
We encourage all of our St. George families to participate in our organization and support our programs and events.  The annual dues for PTO membership are $25 per family.  These funds help to provide activities throughout the school year that help build a sense of community.  Parent volunteers are also needed to help make these programs and events a success.  All families are encouraged to volunteer their time to at least one event or committee.  
We have enjoyable events and fundraisers planned for the upcoming year and need your assistance. We will be hosting a variety of Family Fun Nights and Moms Nights to get together outside of Greek School hours.

We ask for your assistance with some of the following activities that help to enrich your child's Greek School experience. Please consider joining one or more of the following committees:

  • Set up Spanakopita Sales
  • Clean up Spanakopita Sales
  • Bake Spanakopitas
  • Thanksgiving Dinner Raffle
  • Christmas Caroling Committee: call parishioners to inquire if they want our youth singing
  • Pick up Vasilopites from Agia Skepi Monestary, White Haven, PA
  • Three Hierarchs event Committee (event will take place on end of January)
  • Apokriatiko Glendi Committee (event will take place on February 18, 2017)
  • March in the Greek Independence Day Parade
  • Communion Pancake Breakfast on Saturday of Lazarus
  • Lambada Committee: help make and sell lambades
  • Graduation and Promotion Committee

Please fill out the form below and make your check payable to St. George Greek School PTO. We are looking forward to working closely with you and helping to create rewarding school year.

Please request to join our Facebook page: St. George Greek School PTO

Thank you for your time and talents. Your continued support in the St. George Greek School PTO is greatly appreciated!

 Click Here to Download PTO Registration Form 2016 -2017

A "SEPARATE" check made payable to St. George Greek School PTO or cash is requested

(please do not include PTO dues with Greek School fees)

2016-2017 PTO Board Members

Anastasia Kerris, President,
Maureen Tsakiris, Vice President,
Maria Lambrinos, Secretary,
Kyriaki Rausch, Treasurer,