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Saints, Feasts, and Readings for 7/17/2018
The Holy Great Martyr Marina (Margaret)

Gospel Reading
Mark 5:24-34

News & Events

Welcome Newcomers & Visitors!

Please stop by the Welcome Table at Coffee Hour!

We would love to meet you!



Holy Great Martyr Marina

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

8:30 Orthros 9:30 Divine Liturgy


Glorious Prophet Elias

Friday, July 20, 2018

8:30 Orthros 9:30 Divine Liturgy




Vacation Bible School

New Format

2 dates remaining: July 29 & August 12

Choose 1 or both - all students welcome!

Please submit registration form to help us

plan for food and craft supplies

Fill out form found below & return to office

 Contact Direct Kristen Cline with any questions



Our St. George Philoptochos Society will hold our Annual August Bakesale on Sunday, August 12th and Wednesday, August 15th immediately following Divine Liturgy

 Please join us with our baking dates:

 Koulourakia-Rolling and Scooping-July 24th starting at 9:00AM, Packers at 12:30PM

 Kouriambiedes-July 31st at 9:30AM

 Pre sale orders:Please contact Angie Swaroop (Angieswaroop@gmail.com

732-693-7740) Any other questions, please contact Elayna Pappas 732-977-9290

Please see updated Bake Sale Flyer & Appeal Letter 


Wednesday, August 22, 2018 ~ 9:45 am

Resorts AC Bus Trip - Sponsored by Socialites

3:30 pm show, ticket included

For information, see Sophie Anest


Thursday, August 23, 2018

Summer Cruise ~ Sponsored by AHEPA

Fine food and music on the Barnegat Bay

Please contact Arthur Pappaylion


Monday, September 24, 2018 ~ 1 pm

Suneagles Golf Club Day of Fun

Sponsored by AHEPA


Saturday, October 13, 2018

Annual Philoptochos Luncheon

  'Luncheon at the Navesink'


Sunday, October 14, 2018

 Newlyweds & engaged couples

 Wine & Cheese Gathering

Coming Together in the Lord

6 pm - St. George Library

Flyer below 


Thursday, October 18,2018

7 pm Library

Sharing our Faith Book Corner

"Jerusalem: The Home in our Hearts"

By Saliba Sarsar




Liturgy & prayer books, Lenten meditation & Holy Week books, icons, bracelets, Bibles & More! Stop in following Divine Liturgy!

Special Note to Parents:

Our Library is full of children's books to check out, take home, read & return

Come and see what we have to share with you

See the "Frequently Asked Questions" Flyer below 

Any questions? Contact Teri Lalli: tlalli@stgeorgeap.org 



Great News!!! We just received word the iconography team's visas were approved by the US Embassy in Greece. This approval allows our project to shift into high gear as the visa was the last hurdle to get past. We can now firm up our plans to begin the installation of the iconography in late Fall of this year. We're on our way!

The St. George Iconography Committee continues to make great strides towards realizing its goal of bringing iconography to the life of our Church. To date, we have received pledges totaling $662,000 dollars; of those pledges, we have collected nearly $416,000 dollars.  While there is still plenty of work ahead of us, the Committee remains confident in its approach to deliver a successful project for the entire St. George community.

In May, the Iconography Committee added John Michals, a steward of St. George, to Chair the Iconography Fundraising Sub-committee. As Sub-committee Chair, John has been tasked with the dual responsibility of assisting the Iconography Committee in not only the outward fundraising campaign, but also in the effort to build community awareness, understanding and involvement within our Iconography Campaign. John’s professional experience and his service as an Executive Vice-Chairman of our Jersey Shore Festival position him well to take on the responsibilities of the Fundraising Sub-committee Chair. In the upcoming weeks, you will notice his presence more as Father Andrew Eugenis and he update the fundraising efforts from the Solea as well as discuss the details of upcoming community events.

As previously mentioned, the plan is to begin installation of Phase One, and potentially part of Phase Two in November of this year. As a reminder, due to the elaborate scaffolding that will be erected in the Church, the Church will be closed for a two or three month period of time. As a result, all services will be held inside the Cultural Center or Chapel.

It is important to remember that without Iconography, our Church  cannot be Consecrated.  In the life of a Church, Consecration is the ultimate achievement. It is the “Baptism and Chrismation” of our Church. This is why Iconography is so critical. It is a project that touches us all both directly and indirectly. For the Iconography Campaign to be successful, we must all unite in our efforts to realize our goal. Every dollar, whether in the form of a general donation or a naming opportunity, will have a positive impact on the project. No contribution is too small and all contributions will be recognized. Do you have questions about gifting, contributions or simply want more information on the project? Please contact Father Andrew Eugenis frandrew@stgeorgeap.org or Anne Papageorge apapageorge@stgeorgeap.org or John Michals jmichals@desotc.com through the Church office 732-775-2777.



Faithful Hands Crochet & Knitting Ministry


Our Faithful Hands ministry is making baby blankets for a local group to send all throughout the world to families with babies recovering from airway surgery. These tiny babies need our extra hugs and prayers!

If you have any leftover baby yarn you can donate to our project, please drop it into our YARN DONATION box near our Mustard Seed bookstore. Any color yarn would be a blessing!

Please visit copingwithlm.org for more information on this caring group. Of course EVERYONE is welcome to join our Faithful Hands group - see our notice below for dates and times!


Join us for fun and fellowship; create beautiful lap blankets and baby blankets for 40 day blessings. Beginners and experienced crocheters and knitters welcome! Help us in our current project making lap blankets for St. Michael's residents. Yarn, Needles and Hooks provided. Afternoon group - Tuesdays 4:00pm - 6:00pm in the Library. Please contact Bea Paparsenos at: 732-922-9463 or email: beapap@live.com



St. George Philoptochos "Cookbook"

To order our fabulous cookbook

 Please send an email to Errie Teevan

cteevan@optonline.com or call 732-294-9327

See Flyer below



Did you know that St. George Church offers you the convenience of electronic giving? You can now make all donations to your parish life online! Pledge and donate your Stewardship for 2018 online! Give your weekly candle and tray offerings, Easter offerings, Epitaphios offerings, as well as donations towards the Epitaphio flowers, coffee hour, cemetery grave purchases and more! You can pledge and donate online to our Iconography Project. Be a part of our Community Icon, or donate an icon of your own.

You can make a one-time payment, or schedule weekly/monthly/quarterly payments automatically! For additional information contact the church office or log onto www.stgeorgeap.org/vanco and start today!



 "As the Father has sent Me, so I send you." John 20:21

According to the Bible, Stewards manage their gifts for Our Lord's work.

When we support our Church, we give back to God His rightful portion. Is Stewardship merely a token donation? Or is your Stewardship pledge a meaningful response to Christ? Christian Stewardship is Orthodox! It is not just giving our time or our talents or our treasures. It is, rather, all three! Stewardship is koinonia... fellowship... sharing together in the body and blood of Jesus Christ. Stewardship is diakonia... serving Christ. We offer our services and talents to Christ. Stewardship is also martyria... witnessing. Christian Stewardship is all three elements - time, talent, and treasure. It’s our gift as Christ instructed, as caretaker and defender of His Church with all of our energy and ability.

Life Happens in Community!

Thank you to all our faithful stewards

for your support of our St. George Stewardship Program!

If not you – who? If not now – when?

 Time + Talent + Treasure = Stewardship!  



For questions regarding Stewardship, please visit our Stewardship Table during any Sunday Coffee Hour or contact the Church Office


Fellowship in Prayer 

"Heavenly father physician of our souls and bodies, you have sent Your only-begotten Son and Our Lord Jesus Christ to heal every sickness and infirmity, we ask that you visit and heal also your servants Jean, Don, Nicholas, Fermo, Domna, Helen, Tom, Eleftheria, Eleftheria, Phillip, Erin, Maria, Santa Fe High School families, Gabe, Yvette, Harry, Ethan, Alice, Fedra, Hayley, Kostandina, Sotiria, Olga, Florida High School, Gabe, Maria, Chris, Christina, Thomas, Jaymee, Samantha, Georgia, Leon, Andrew, Esther, Tina, Soula, Bess, Josephine P. and Friends, Sharon, Joseph, Teddy, Evan, Demitri, Olga, Despina, Edward, Baby Maria, Theo, Christie Anna, Baby Aaron, George, Melina, Kristy, Tania, Connie, Stephanie, Mary, Pat, Penelope, Vasiliki, Sylvia, Michael, Athena, Scott, Mike, Security Forces, Anne, and Anastasia from all physical and spiritual ailments through the grace of Your Christ. Grant them patience through this hardship, strength of body and spirit and recovery of health. Lord, You have taught us through Your word to pray for each other that we may be healed. We pray that You heal Your Servents and grant them the gift of complete joy in You. For You are the source of healing and to You we give glory in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Amen!

For an addition to this list,

please contact the Church Office: 732-775-2777

or George Moutis gmoutis@scinj.com



Remember to register St. George Greek Orthodox Church for all your Amazon purchases. Our Church receives .5% for every purchase. Simply paste the link below in your browser, to be directed to the registration page Amazonsmile:  https://smile.amazon.com/ch/21-0643361. Follow us on social media: Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn. Watch our live services each Sunday.

Link for our web site for your convenience: www.stgeorgeap.org



Get trained for Narthex Service: open/close the doors, extinguish candles & clean Icons, 7-Day Candle Placement; rotating schedule for service. Can you help? Please contact the Church Office at 732-775-2777.



For further information, please contact:

 Louie Koumoutsos @ 732-904-5430 - hrima@aol.com

 Church Office @ 732-775-2777- kcatizone@stgeorgeap.org



Several naming opportunities for our building campaign are available:

johnp@warshauer.com or johnvret@aol.com



Friendly reminder: When making a contribution, please ensure all checks include the specific “fund” where your contribution should be applied. THANK YOU!!



Would you like to sponsor a coffee hour in honor of a loved one or to share a happy occasion with the community? Please contact the St. George Office 732-775-2777. For 40-Day Memorial Coffee Hours only we would be happy to: Reserve and Set 1 table complete with Kolyva, coffee service and desserts. Reserve a second table for extra guests. This allows the family to gather together for others to express their condolences and also not wait in the coffee line in their time of sadness.




Please be considerate and make room in the pews for others. If you insist on keeping the end of the pew, please be aware of others looking for a seat and step out to allow them to enter. Those in the stasidia must step down onto the floor as follows: *When the Gospel is being read, *During the Small and Great entrances, *During Holy Communion. It is disrespectful to stand higher than the Holy Gifts. Please instruct your children in this discipline as well.



In order to insure proper reverence for the Holy Gifts before us:

1) Please exit FROM YOUR ROW, row by row into the CENTER AISLE

2) Only Newly-Illumined Christians, infants from the crying room, Sunday School teachers and their families, and the Choir proceed from the back rope-FIRST




All doors and lights must be secured before leaving facility. The Township of Ocean has advised that fire lanes must be kept clear. Lost keys or fobs will require a fifty dollar fee to replace. Please do not adjust the thermostats.


Effective Immediately - the following items are prohibited during church services: 

Back Packs of any size   -   Shopping bags

Fanny Packs   -   Brief Cases

Shoulder Book bags   -   Luggage of any type

Boxes of any kind   -   Food or Drinks

Cameras or Video equipment

For any questions, please see a Parish Council Member



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2018 Stewardship Forms
2018 Stewardship Commitment


Iconography Brochure

Iconography Project





1033 West Park Avenue
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Divine liturgy 9:30 am

Office Hours
9:00 am - 5:00 pm

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