A Letter from our Parish Council President

It’s an honor and privilege to have been chosen to be President of your Parish Council. It’s a great responsibility and I’m fortunate to have a strong Parish Council – dedicated individuals who are willing to give their time and talents to serving our Church. The Council will work closely with Father Andrew, the Ministries and the entire community for the betterment of St. George.

First, I want to recognize Spiro Pappas who served as President for the past six years. His leadership and commitment to our faith and Church have given us a strong platform to build on. Spiro was one of the leaders who guided our move from Asbury Park to our beautiful Ocean Township complex. He has done a great deal to grow the programs our Church offers through its ministries, and helped establish a solid financial foundation for St. George. We are fortunate Spiro has another year on the Council so we – and I - can continue to benefit from his wisdom and experience.

We have a lot to be proud of. We have one of the most modern complexes in the Metropolis. Our Stewardship is stable, our ministries are robust and our community is strong.  Yet like every other church we face challenges. Church attendance is down, especially among young adults. People are more “me” focused and look for immediate satisfaction. Every day living is getting more expensive. The stress just seems to continue to grow.

Yet our Orthodox religion and St. George offer you comfort through the teachings of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, strong cultural ties and the fellowship of people who care about you.  They are the beacon that shows us the way to achieve spiritual and emotional happiness. Your Parish Council is committed to working hard to create an environment where we all can enjoy the spiritual, cultural and social benefits our Church can offer. To be successful, we need your help. We need you to become Stewards in every sense of the word – volunteer, get involved. Give whatever you can in terms of time, talent and treasure. When Father Andrew, the ministry leaders or Parish Council call for help, please say “Yes” so St. George can continue to grow as a center of Christian life for us all.

May God bless St. George, you and your families,           

John Vrettos