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Leaving Our Mark


Iconography Update 

On December 1, we celebrated Iconography Sunday where Phase 2 Iconography was unveiled. We ask those of you who have pledged to fulfill your pledge, and those of you who have not yet contributed to join us. The following icons are available:

7 Prophets

3 Crosses in Windows


Birth of Christ


Scene of Life of St. George (George Moutis is organizing Georges who would like to contribute)

Sts Rafael, Nicholas, & Irene to Left of Choir Loft

St Katerina to Right of Choir Loft

Medallions of Archangels Gabriel & Michael

St. Antonios Behind Icon Stand

In the Altar:

2 Hierarchs Half (Gregory & Fotios)


2 Deacons

2 Archangels Gabriel & Michael

Artoforio Amnos tou Theo

In addition, the Gold Leaf Program or any donation you would like to offer to the Community Icon are available. We thank you for your generosity. Happy 2020, the year of our Consecration.

Chair Anne Papageorge


Iconography Poster

Available Naming Opportunities

Gold Leaf Program


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Donate Now


Phase 2 Begins

Welcome to our Iconographers


Icon 2019 Phase 2 1.jpg Icon 2019 Phase 2 4.jpg

Icon 2019 Phase 2 2.jpg Icon 2019 Phase 2 5.jpg

Altar Scaff 2019 5.jpg Altar Scaff 2019 6.jpg

Altar Scaff 2019 3.jpg 


Altar Scaff 2019 1.jpg Altar Scaff 2019 2.jpg


Phase I Completed


Iconography 12-30-2018.jpg

Iconography 12-23-2018 2.jpg Iconography 12-23-2018 1.jpg

Iconography 12-23-2018 3.jpg

Iconography 12-23-2018 4.jpg Iconography 12-23-2018 5.jpg

Iconography 12-23-2018 6.jpg




Welcome to our Iconographer George Giariskanis & his Team (Oct. 21, 2018)


Iconography Team 1.jpg Iconography Team 2.jpg

Iconography Team 3.jpg Iconography Team 4.jpg

Iconography Team 5.jpg Iconography Team 6.jpg 

Iconography Team 7.jpg

Iconography - In Progress (August, 2018)


Aug 28 2018 11.jpg Aug 28 2018 1.jpg 

Aug 28 2018 5.jpg Aug 28 2018 12.jpg

Aug 28 2018 2.jpg          Aug 28 2018 4.jpg

Aug 28 2018 3.jpg Aug 28 2018 9.jpg Aug 28 2018 10.jpg

Aug 28 2018 6.jpg Aug 28 2018 7.jpg Aug 28 2018 8.jpg