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Leaving Our Mark


Iconography Update

On March 16, the Iconography Committee met with Iconographer George Gariskanis to finalize the planned Phase 2 Icons. On the Poster link below is a list which highlights in red the available icons including Prophets, Pendentives, Solea Arch, Crucifixion, Hierarchs, Diokonikon, Deacons, Saints behind the Chanter Stand, Scenes of the Life of St George under the Choir Loft, and Saints to the right and left of the Choir Loft. Now is the time to pledge especially if you have a particular Saint in mind to allow the Iconographers to prepare the canvases for a Fall 2019 installation. There are many ways to participate in the iconography program - join together with family and friends to sponsor a specific icon, be part of the Gold Leaf Program or make a general donation to the Community Icon (Prophets). If you have already pledged - Thank You! If you have a balance on your pledge, please make a payment so we can meet our financial obligations as the project. Please contact Father Andrew Eugenis; Anne Papageorge, Iconography Chair; or John Michals, Iconography Fundraising Sub-Committee Chair to discuss your options.

Your support and generosity are helping us move toward our ultimate goal of Consecration in the fall of 2020.

Please use the following to contact Father Andrew, frandrew@stgeorgeap.org, Anne Papageorge, John Michals jmichals@desotc.com or the Church office, 732-775-2777. Pledges/donations can be made on-line at www.stgeorgeap.org/vanco.


Iconography Poster

Available Naming Opportunities

Gold Leaf Program


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Phase I Completed


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Welcome to our Iconographer George Giariskanis & his Team (Oct. 21, 2018)


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Iconography - In Progress (August, 2018)


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