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Leaving Our Mark


Iconography Phase I is Complete!!! A site to Behold!!!

On Sunday, December 23, 2018, we celebrated the first Divine Liturgy in our church after having completed the expanded Phase 1 of our Iconography project: the Dome, Pendentives and Solea Arch. Many were brought to tears as parishioners gazed up at the beautiful and symbolic Pantokratora, Dance of Angels, Prophets, Crucifixion, Resurrection and Birth of Christ. Father Andrew described the installed iconography that depicts the stories of our faith. Iconographer George Giariskanis thanked the community for giving him and his colleagues the opportunity to share their vision and for their hospitality. He said that they feel they are a part of the St. George family. Thank you to all who have contributed their time, talents and treasures to the success of the project to date.

Although we have pledges of $985,000 towards our Iconography goal of $1.3 million, we still have more to raise to be able to cover the costs of Phase 1 and to complete Phase 2 in preparation for our tentative consecration in the fall of 2020. Payments of $678,000 have been made toward pledges; we encourage you to make payments towards your pledges as we will begin to incur additional expenses as we embark on Phase 2: the Platytera, Hierarchs, Icons behind chanter stand and pulpit, Life of St George Icons, and Exonarthex Mosaics which are scheduled to be installed in October 2019.

There are still opportunities to support this community project, including named icons in Phase 1 and 2, general contributions and the Gold Leaf Program. We all have an obligation to honor those who came before us, those who are with us, and future generations. No donation is too small. 

This project touches all that is holy in our Church, and all parishioners of St. George have the opportunity to be part of this effort. Every contribution will have a positive impact – no contribution is too small and all contributions will be recognized at a later date. If you have questions about gifting, contributions, Gold Leaf or simply want more information on the project, please contact Father Andrew, frandrew@stgeorgeap.org, Anne Papageorge, John Michals jmichals@desotc.com or the Church office, 732-775-2777. Pledges/donations can be made on-line at www.stgeorgeap.org/vanco.


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Phase I Completed


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Welcome to our Iconographer George Giariskanis & his Team (Oct. 21, 2018)


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Iconography - In Progress (August, 2018)


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