Our Goal as Orthodox Christians: A Never Ending Pascha     +Father Andrew Eugenis

            Pascha and the festive nature of the day is truly the greatest day in the church calendar. However, we tend to forget about the whole Paschal Season which lasts for forty days. This is why at the beginning and end of each and every service or sacrament we sing and also great each other with "Christ is Risen."

            Prior to the great day of Pascha, we Orthodox journey for forty days of Lent to enhance our awareness of Christ. Then for seven more days during Holy Week we walk with Christ during His passion. The period of Lent is most assuredly a time for self-discipline and spiritual growth. But, that is not the end. Lent is only a preparation for what should be an even more glorious season, the Paschal Season.

            The forty days after the Resurrection is known as the Paschal Season; we celebrate with joy the glorious Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has wrought for us salvation from sin and death. The lessons from Holy Scripture remind us of the life of the early Christian Church and the power and impact of Christ's Resurrection (Acts). Also, it reminds us of the essence of water; this was not just a reminder to the early catechumens who were baptized on Holy Saturday and received their first Communion at the Paschal Liturgy, but to all of us who enter into the glorious life of Christianity through baptism. We are reminded of the post-Resurrection appearance of Jesus (Matt. 28:16-20) and that we, too, are to continue teaching all truths through witnessing, bible study and our Christian way of life. The Church never allows us to forget the importance of Christ's Resurrection; this event is the cornerstone of our faith. Every Sunday throughout the year during the Orthros Service we hear the eleven post-resurrection gospels recited. For all of us Pascha never ends. Let us take the Resurrection of our Lord into the world, in our work places, or homes, and in every phase of our lives, each and every day of our lives.

Christ is Risen!

+Fr. Andrew