ST George AP GOYA 


GOYA is an active ministry of Orthodox Christians in 7th to 12th grades. All of our social events, athletic competitions and meetings include some element of our Orthodox Christian faith. We encourage our teenagers to participate and make new friends and build their Orthodox young adult network.  Currently we have over 70 GOYANs at St. George.

GOYA meetings are held once a month, on Sundays after church. The Executive Board presents the Agenda and GOYANs discuss ideas for events and vote on items on the Agenda. There are rules, regulations and guidelines for GOYANs and Executive Board members.  

GOYANs are required to represent St. George and reflect the value system of the Orthodox faith and teachings. As part of each GOYANs Registration, he/she must read the Metropolis Code of Conduct for GOYAN and the Guidelines.

Active participation is critical for all around experience. Events and sign-ups will be posted on the website page and the GOYA Secretary will send email blasts; GOYANs are responsible to check the Google calendar for upcoming events and be proactive in signing up in a timely manner.  The Metropolis annual calendar provides an outline of the yearly events with tentative dates. Some events give consideration to the older grade participants as “Senior GOYANs”.

We also need parent volunteers and chaperones. The Advisors need parent support to accomplish the goals of the ministry. Please sign up and share your Time and Talents with our GOYA. It can not be done without parent supervision and support.

GOYANs, and future GOYANs, you are the future stewards of St. George AP.  Join in, become an ACTIVE participant. 


Rules, Regulations & Guidelines

GOYA Board Requirements 2018-2019

Parent Participation