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GOYA is dependent on its Parents to assist in various ways throughout the year. We teach our young adults about Stewardship as part of their GOYA membership to prepare them to be good stewards of the church.  We show our young adults how to be giving Christians through kind acts and volunteering our personal time to the Church so they give their Time and Talents to the Church as Adults. 

Parents lead by example

Please consider volunteering to help the GOYA be successful and continue to grow. It cannot be done by 3 Advisors alone.  “It takes a village”…so please help in any way you can.

How can you help?


St George does not collect annual dues from the GOYANs. The GOYANs are encouraged to a Stewardship donation under their name. The rest of the expenses are financed with proceeds from 4 major fundraisers during the year.

  1. SOUVLAKI  (October and May)
  2. Christmas Caroling in December


The Fundraising Committee would have a Chairperson for each of these events. The Fundraising Committee would work together as a group in these different events and also can brainstorm about new opportunites to fundraise effectively for our GOYA.

The Souvlaki Event is typically run twice a year on a Sunday right after liturgy. This Committee orders the food, organizes set up and breakdown, cooking and selling to the parishioners.  The Chairperson and Fundraising Committee enlist Parent Volunteers to work together on this.  

The Christmas Caroling Event typically occurs over a 3 day period the weekend before Christmas. The Chairperson and the Committee would be responisble for soliciting homes to visit, soliciting drivers; outline a driving route for the drivers, and organizing the car pool to the homes. In addition there is a dinner for the GOYAns that needs to be arranged either at a hosting restaurant/diner or GOYA family home. 



Several events are hosted throughout the year that need Parent Chaperones and Drivers. These events occur without parent supervision and parents to help drive the GOYANs to the destination.



GOYAns and Parent assist throughout the year in various community related events. Chairpersons and Volunteers are needed for the following:


KICK OFF PARTY: (September)

The Kick Off Party is held to start off the new GOYA year in September. All GOYAns and their families are welcome.  All food, paper goods, beverages are donated by GOYA families. Setup and breakdown committees are needed to assist Host in a successful event. Also a Welcome Committee for 7th grader families entering GOYA for the first time or new Church members.  


Cemetery Clean Up: (November and April)

GOYA helps to clean up the St George Cemetery twice a year (Spring and Fall clean up).  Parents assistance is needed; Leaf blowers, rakes and garden utensils are welcomed to make the job easier.



Our GOYANs collect and personally deliver gifts and necessities to local underprivileged families on Christmas Day. They work in conjunction with the Salvation Army and the Local Charter School to acquire names of local families in need. Our GOYAns assist finding parishioners willing to sponsor a family and provide the necessary items requested. The GOYA collects all the gifts throughout December. On Christmas morning, the teens give up their time with families to personally deliver the gifts and spend time with the underprivileged family’s homes.



Festival: (May)

The GOYAns typically work and run the GAMES booths and Parents are needed to Supervise and work with them during the Festival. Assistance is also needed in organizing the sign up and  T-shirt distribution.  


Sunday School Good Friday Retreat: (Spring)

The GOYANs assist the Sunday School staff and children in various stations throughout the retreat.


LOCK In Retreats: (Fall and Spring)

The GOYAns are required to attend two Spiritual Lock-In Retreats that Father Andrew and the GOYA Advisors supervise. Parents are needed to set up and breakdown food and activities held during the evening. At the Spring Lock-In, chaperones are needed for the GOYAns that stay overnight.



For 5 Fridays the GOYAns are invited to chant or read the Hymn to the Virgin Mary and Christ at the end of the service. A Parent who can organize and help schedule the days needed.    



A Statewide Christian Youth Arts and Talents Competition held in Westfield and/or Media, PA. Preparation for this event begins as early as September and continues up to the date of the event, becoming more frequent as the date gets closer. This Committee needs volunteers to assist in organizing, researching, producing or directing the GOYANS in the various areas we will compete in, as well as assist with workshops/practices, preparation of Sights for submission and organizing of the St. George Show.


Conduct or assist in workshops in painting, ceramics, jewelry making, candle making, sewing, photography, woodworking, sculptures, and much more.  Whatever your talent/skill please let an Advisor know.


        Production/direction of play - Greek/English

       Assist with Production of Play

        Construction of or preparation of props

       □ Costume development

       □ Production of choral speaking

       □ Group Singing (Greek, English or Religious)

       □ Group instrument - Band

       □ Monologues, Greek or English

       □ Chaperone or Assistant for practices/workshops


Greek Folk Dancing:

This Committee needs volunteers to assist with collecting/recording payments, costume repairs & development including sewing, costume maintenance & inventory, communication and organizing. 



Volunteers needed to provide, organize and serve refreshments, food and/or treats at special events, such as GOYA meetings & bake sales, lock-ins and other miscellaneous events


OLYMPICS Pre and Post Parties (Memorial Day Weekend)

This Committee will help to plan the two parties associated with Olympics. The “Pre-Olympics Pasta Party” is held the Friday before Olympics in the St. George Cultural Center and the “Post-Olympics Party” is usually hosted on Sunday by a GOYA family at their home. Donations from GOYAN families are made for the paper goods, food and refreshments for both parties.

Organize donations for the Pre-Olympics Pasta Party 

Setup and breakdown for the Pre-Olympics Pasta party 

Host the Post-Olympics party 

Organize donations for the Post-Olympics Party

Setup and breakdown for the Post-Olympics Party



There are several different sports events that the GOYANS take part in throughout the year. This committee needs volunteers to assist in training, coaching and organizing the various events, uniforms and chaperones/drivers.