GOYA 2019-2020 Calendar
(Calendar is subject to change)


6          Kick-Off Party at Cultural Center & Gym 6:30pm-10pm
6          All GOYA Executive Boards meeting 6pm before Kickoff Party at Cultural Center & Gym?
8          GOYA Exec. Board takes Oath and GOYA Meeting
15        Holy Cross Celebration
16         NNJYC/PVP Meeting at Westfield (Mandatory meeting for all Coaches starting at 7pm)
20        State Youth Harvest Dance @ St. George Clifton
29        Executive board meeting
1          GOYA President Beacon Article to be sent to Church office for the months of  November & December.
5          SAT Date
6          GOYA Meeting
12        Mr/Miss Interviews for contestants only
13        Mr/Miss GOYA pageant, Pines Manor 4pm- reservations required
20        Youth Sunday Executive Boards are working Pangari. 
21        NNJYC/PVP Meeting at Westfield
18        GOYA retreat/Parent meeting (7:30p-11:30pm) (Need Cultural Center & Gym)
27        Kafenio Fundraiser/Chance Auction
2          Bowling Tournament @ Fairview- need to sign up
2          SAT Date
3          Executive Board meeting
10        GOYA Meeting – Parent Meeting
18        NNJYC/PVP Meeting at Westfield
24        Put up Christmas Giving Tree
30        Cemetery Clean 2342 W. Bangs Ave. Neptune - Up 1Pm-3pm
1          GOYA President Beacon Article to be sent to Church office for the months of January & February.
1          Executive Board meeting (with both boards 1 & 2)
7          SAT Date
8          GOYA meeting*2nd executive board takes Oath – Parents Meeting
?          Bridges Sandwich Prep at Trenton
?          Bridges- deliver food @ Newark- (2-3 Seniors only)
13-14-15 Christmas Caroling (2 out of 3 days required)
25        Christmas Morning Gift Giving after Church
27        State Youth Christmas Dance at Flemington
4          White Out Dance- Tenafly
5          Executive board meeting
12        Goya meeting
18-19   FDF Dance
21        NNJYC/PVP Meeting at Westfield
26        MOSAIC Our Faith Presentation
1          GOYA President Beacon Article to be sent to Church office for the months of                 March & April.
31-2     Winter Retreat, Woodlock Pines, Pa.
9          Executive bd. Meeting
16        GOYA meeting – Parents Meeting
14        State Youth Valentine’s Dance Wyckoff 
25        NNJYC/PVP Meeting at Westfield
?          District II retreat, Camp Tecumseh
1          Combined Executive Board meeting (2nd & 3rd)
2          Lent Begins
8          GOYA meeting- 3rd executive board takes Oath
            SIGHTS AND SOUNDS (Del. Val. Area)
12        Submit field requests to Shore Reg. & Ocean Twp. for Soccer & Track
14        SAT Date
17        NNJYC/PVP Meeting at Westfield
?          Greek Independence Day Parade
20-21  Over-night Lock-in & GOYA Meeting (Need Cultural Center & Gym)
28        Cemetery Cleanup 2342 W. Bangs Ave. Neptune, 2pm. 
1          GOYA President Beacon Article to be sent to Church office for the months of May & June.
5          Executive board meeting
12        GOYA meeting – Parents Meeting
18-19   30 Hr. Famine- World Vision 
19        Pascha
21        NNJYC/PVP Meeting  and Olympic Registration at Westfield
26        Executive board meeting
2          GOYA Soccer Tournament Goodsports- Wall NJ
2          SAT Date
3          GOYA meeting
?          Into the Light - 5K Run/Walk at Rutgers U. 9am to 5pm.    
9          Indoor Olympics- Perth Amboy
22        Pasta Party at St George Banquet Center
25-26  Outdoor Olympics- Monmouth University 
5          Mr/Miss GOYA Resume Deadline
7          GOYA meeting
14        Executive Board Resume deadline
15        NNJYC/PVP Meeting at Westfield