President: Alexandra Ritorto
Vice Pres: Alex Hellinghausen
Vice Pres  Athena Sekera   
Treasurer:  Nick Chatzopoulos
Rec Sec: Gregory Haralampoudis   
Text Sec:  Nicole Generelli
President:  Victoria Ritorto
Vice Pres: Chris Cerny
Vice Pres: Nick Hellinghausen 
Vice Pres: George Paragioudakis
Treasurer: Maria Fotopoulos 
Rec Sec: Rafaella Lambrinos     
Text Sec: Ria Kiafoulis



President: Stefanos Eugenis
Vice President: Markos Eugenis
Vice President: Maria Natsis
Vice President: Jaime Lemire
Treasurer: Nick Xanthacos
Rec Sec:  Annie Papageorge  
Text Sec: Alex Chrystal 



George Moutis

Anja Chantzopoulos

Presbytera Angela Eugenis

 Denise Natsis

Renee Panagos

George Costidis Athletic Director


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St. George - GOYA
Welcomes 7th to 12th Graders

                                         IMG_2607 (2).JPG


Greek Orthodox Youth of America, or GOYA, is the ministry created for teens to experience the Orthodox Faith and foster a personal relationship with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. By becoming active, sacramental members of the living Church through community service and philanthropic endeavors, they stay connected to the Church and build their Christian foundation for their adults lives. 

GOYA basis its ministry on four elements (Worship, Witness, Service and Fellowship). Service is a priority for our GOYA. The teens are actively involved throughout the year with various charities and local events. 

Worship and Witness are part of the Monthly GOYA Meetings, the two Lock-In Retreats, Sunday School, as well as various times throughout the year including Holy Week. The teens enjoy being an integral part of the Church including helping in the Altar, singing in the Choir, decorating the Epitaphio on Good Friday, diving for the cross during the Elevation of the Cross celebration, assisting with the spring and fall clean up at our cemetery. 

GOYA also has social, cultural, and athletic aspects as well. The Metropolis of New Jersey, a composition of all Greek Orthodox Churches in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland and Virginia, hosts multiple events that enable GOYA members to interact with others of the same faith and upbringing. These events range from dances and athletic tournaments to cultural festivals and competitions in which GOYA chapters perform authentic Greek folk dances, songs and dramas in an effort to celebrate and preserve the Greek culture. 

Our Mission is to educate our teens so they remain close to God and our Orthodox Christian faith through spiritual, athletic, social and cultural events. Father Andrew Eugenis and the GOYA Advisors help to fulfill the GOYA ministry and work together to keep our GOYANs connected to the Orthodox Church as good standing stewards and Christians.

Great are the achievements of faith! In the fountain of flame, as by the water of rest, the Three Holy Children rejoiced.
And the Prophet Daniel proved a shepherd of lions as of sheep. By their prayers, O Christ God, save our souls.
Apolytikion of Daniel the Prophet and the Three Holy Youths


Mr. and Miss Jr. GOYA 2018 - 2019

from St. George GOYA

Miss Penny Demetriades and Mr. Stefanos Eugenis

10_07_18_Goya_Youth_Pageant_Pines_Manor_(c)_Arpi _Pap-1055.jpg 10_07_18_Goya_Youth_Pageant_Pines_Manor_(c)_Arpi _Pap-1056.jpg

10_07_18_Goya_Youth_Pageant_Pines_Manor_(c)_Arpi _Pap-1054.jpg

During the Pageant


Miss Jr GOYA 2018.jpg Mr Jr GOYA 2018.jpg 

Mr Miss Jr GOYA 2018.jpg

Presentation to the Congregation


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GOYA 2018-19 Calendar
(Calendar is subject to change) details under NEWS tab

March 2019
 9         SAT Date 
10        GOYA meeting-
            3rd   Exec board takes Oath 
11        Clean Monday LENT begins
19        NNJYC/PVP Meeting
23        Sights & Sounds Egg Harbor
24        Greek Parade 
29-30   Over-night Lock-in & GOYA


April 2019

 6         Cemetery Clean Up
10        Executive board meeting
13        Soccer Tourney, Goodsports
14        GOYA/Parent meeting
16        NNJYC/PVP Meeting
16        Olympic Registration 
26        30 Hr. Famine- World Vision
28        Pascha
May 2019

1         Executive board meeting
4         Into the Light 5K
4         SAT Date
5         GOYA meeting
18       Indoor Olympics- Perth Amboy
24       Pasta Party at St George 
25-26  Olympics- Monmouth U
JUNE 2019
3       GOYA meeting
11     NNJYC/PVP Meeting at Westfield
15     2019-20 Board Applications