GOYA FORMS 2019-2020

St George has Online Registration for GOYA. Please note Parents and prospective GOYANs are required to read all required documents and initial the Registration Form that BOTH have Read and Agree to the terms and conditions of being an active GOYAN at St George AP. 


  1. Online Registration  (includes Medical History, Emergency Treatment Medical Release, GOYAN Stewardship, Active GOYAN Requirements)
  2. General Liability Release New members Only please print and notarize. 

The General Liability Release Form must be signed and notarized (for new registrants) and submitted no later than September 30, 2019 in order to participate n GOYA. We will have a notary available at the first GOYA meeting. 


GOYA Stewardship 

St George AP GOYA does not require a registration fee to be a member of GOYA. The GOYA members and families work together to fundraise throughout the year to help subsidize the cost of many of the events our young adults participate in. 

GOYA Stewardship is geared toward teaching our GOYANs at a early age the importance of committing to their faith and their church through time, talents and treasures. It should be something they donate from their allowance or saved money. It is their treasure. It can be any amount. It is not meant to be a donation by the parents on behalf of the GOYANs. Please follow up with your young adult to ensure they donate their Stewardship by September 30th.

If your GOYAN does commit to being a GOYA Steward of the church, please spend time with them and teach them the importance of their commitment to the church and to follow through on their commitments.

Kindly have your GOYAN pay their Stewardship Donation at the Kick Off on Friday, September 7. 

Please make checks payable to St George GOYA