40 Day Baby Blessing

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This ministry offers spiritual support while embracing new families in the St. George community; a white baby blanket, hand made by St. George ladies is presented to every family on the day of the blessing

Leader: Colleen Pardenek     kalliep19@aol.com

These ladies have lovingly made blankets

Vicky Alexandros              Joanne Alicakos              Evelyn Antonios             Rula Casey             Diane Cerny         Zachery Copulos

Joanne Cosmas              Ellie Coviello              Dorothy Dimitsios          Dimitra Gebhard              Maria Giannakopoulos

MaryAnn Iliopoulos           Helen Ivaliotis            Vicki Kamaratos             Irene Kazepis            Despina Koch        Christina Minakakis

Robin Papagiannis               Athena Papanikolaou            Bea Paparsenos            Elayna Pappas          Tasi Pappaylion

Dee Petrantis            Margaret Rouskas           Ann Marie Ruvelas         Georgia Ruvelas          Valerie Ruvelas          Mary Sandilos

Martha Soukas            Maria Sourias            Melanie Sum             Errie Teevan            Marina Thomas

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Baby Blessing 2.jpgBaby Blessing 3.jpg