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Iconography Update: (as of June, 2018)

Great News!!! We just received word the iconography team's visas were approved by the US Embassy in Greece. This approval allows our project to shift into high gear as the visa was the last hurdle to get past. We can now firm up our plans to begin the installation of the iconography in late Fall of this year. We're on our way!


The St. George Iconography Committee continues to make great strides towards realizing its goal of bringing iconography to the life of our Church. To date, we have received pledges totaling $662,000 dollars; of those pledges, we have collected nearly $416,000 dollars. While there is still plenty of work ahead of us, the Committee remains confident in its approach to deliver a successful project for the entire St. George community.

In May, the Iconography Committee added John Michals, a steward of St. George, to Chair the Iconography Fundraising Sub-committee. As Sub-committee Chair, John has been tasked with the dual responsibility of assisting the Iconography Committee in not only the outward fundraising campaign, but also in the effort to build community awareness, understanding and involvement within our Iconography Campaign. John’s professional experience and his service as an Executive Vice-Chairman of our Jersey Shore Festival position him well to take on the responsibilities of the Fundraising Sub-committee Chair. In the upcoming weeks, you will notice his presence more as Father Andrew Eugenis and he update the fundraising efforts from the Solea as well as discuss the details of upcoming community events.

As previously mentioned, the plan is to begin installation of Phase One, and potentially part of Phase Two in November of this year.  As a reminder, due to the elaborate scaffolding that will be erected in the Church, the Church will be closed for a two or three month period of time. As a result, all services will be held inside the Cultural Center or Chapel.

It is important to remember that without Iconography, our Church cannot be Consecrated.  In the life of a Church, Consecration is the ultimate achievement. It is the “Baptism and Chrismation” of our Church. This is why Iconography is so critical. It is a project that touches us all both directly and indirectly. For the Iconography Campaign to be successful, we must all unite in our efforts to realize our goal. Every dollar, whether in the form of a general donation or a naming opportunity, will have a positive impact on the project. No contribution is too small and all contributions will be recognized.

For questions about gifting, contributions or simply for more information on the project, please contact Father Andrew Eugenis frandrew@stgeorgeap.org or Anne Papageorge apapageorge@stgeorgeap.org or John Michals jmichals@desotc.com through the Church office 732-775-2777.


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