Iconography Brochure

Iconography Update: 

We continue to make progress on the Iconography Project. We now have received pledges for $580,000 and actual contributions of $356,000. The project has entered a “public” phase. A new large brochure was completed and mailed to the entire community. The brochure indicates items that have already been gifted and which ones are still available, and includes a commitment form.

In addition, an ad was placed in the Orthodox Observer to make Greek Orthodox Christians across the country aware of our iconography project. But it’s important to remember, this is a community effort to beautify our Church in true Orthodox tradition. No contribution is too small. Recently, the iconographer – George Giariskanis – visited our Parish. The Iconography Committee met with him to review the project status and proposed work schedule. We’re expecting to have the visa situation resolved very soon.  Our current plan is to have Phase 1 work (the Pantokratera, Pendentives and Chapel) begin November 2018.  If we’re fortunate, some of the Phase 2 work (the arch over the Solea) may be able to be done at the same time. During this time, because of the extensive scaffolding, the Church will have to be closed and services held in the Cultural Center. If all goes well, we may be able to complete the entire project on schedule in late 2019.

Again, this is a community project and we want all our parishioners to participate. Please contact Father Andrew frandrew@stgeorgeap.org or Anne Papageorge through the Church office with any questions about the project, gifting an icon or making a contribution. You can also ask any Parish Council member.