Iconography Brochure

At the Community Town Hall held Sunday April 23rd, the Fundraising Campaign was launched with a presentation by Iconographer George Gariskanis and George Nicholas, Scaffolding Sub-Committee, including a brochure developed by Rick Deet with assistance by Marissa Costidis. Thank you to those who have generously contributed to the Iconography project. We have current donations of $225,000 and pledges of $285,000 towards our $1.3 million approved budget. In addition to the icons listed in the brochure, the 12 Prophets in the Church Dome have been designated as a Community Icon. Memorial donations designated for Iconography will be applied to the Community Icon. Fundraising brochures were mailed to the entire community. If you are interested in donating to our project, an Iconography Fund exists; information is available on our website and pledges can be made in VANCO or mailed to the Church. For additional information, please contact Anne Papageorge, Iconography Chair.

Iconography Design and Progress Photos are displayed in our Administration Building Corridor. Phase 1 Iconography canvases have arrived and are in storage. A pre-proposal conference was held and four scaffolding bids were received in September and are being evaluated. Thank you to Marko Parlamas and George Nicholas, the Scaffolding Subcommittee.

Dependent on fundraising, the Iconography Church Dome, Scenes of Life of Christ, Pendentives, and the Chapel Dome (Phase 1) are planned for late 2017. The Platytera and Solea Iconography (Phase 2) are planned for Fall 2018. The Iconostasis and Bishop Thrones Icons, Exonarthex Mosaics and Life of St George Icons (Phase 3) are planned for Summer 2019.