St. George Capital Campaign - April 2012


Thiranixia - A truly exciting time in the life of our St. George Greek Orthodox Church! After nearly three years of construction, four years since our groundbreaking and five years since we began our current Capital Campaign, we finally see the fruits of our labors, our beautiful new home in Ocean Township. As we stand inside our new Church and look around at all its splendor, it is time for us to pause and give thanks.

First and foremost we give thanks to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for leading us and giving to the strength to complete this journey. Second, we thank Fr. Andrew and our talented and tireless construction committee for their dedication and sacri­fice to make our dream to reality. Next, we express our sincere gratitude to the 220 families who have contributed more than $4,300,000 to our current Capital Cam­paign to date. Their sacrificial giving has allowed to to continue construction without interruption and watch our beautiful new St George Church become that Beacon of Orthodoxy we have envisioned for so many years. We also pay tribute to those visionaries who purchased the land and created the first "Building Fund" raising $2,300,000, the foundation without which our new Church and Church Complex could not have been built.

So now we begin the final chapter for our Capital Campaign, collecting our out­standing pledges and raising the additional funds necessary to pay off our $1,150,000 loan. Please consider helping us achieve this, possibly with one of the remaining Naming Opportunities which include:

     Classrooms (9)       $25,000 each
   Pews (20)            $10,000 each
   Stasidia (30)          $2,500 each
   Site Benches (20)  $2,500 each
Small Trees (50)  $1,500 each

If you have the means, we certainly can use your help! Each donation will bring us that much closer to the debt free future we all want for our community.