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Iconography Update as of July, 2018

The St. George Iconography Committee is pleased to report significant progress is being made on the iconography project. The iconographers plan to begin work in late October of this year. The first element of the project they will complete is the Chapel, which they have generously donated to St. George. In early November, scaffolding will be erected and work will begin in the main Church. Right now, the iconographers are working on some additional pieces they will install this year.

From a financial perspective, the Committee is proud to announce that as of July 25th, iconography pledge donations are nearly $837,000. This is 64% of our total goal of $1.3 million, and it shows tremendous progress. Our sincere thanks to all those who have made donations to this sanctification project.

Gold leaf is a critical component of so many icons in the Greek Orthodox Church, especially the Pantocratera in the dome of the church. Genuine 24 karat gold leaf enhances the beauty of the icons with a richness that paint can’t match. We have established the Gold Leaf Program to give everyone another way to participate in our iconography project and be remembered for future generations. One or more sheets of gold leaf can be purchased to honor the memory of a departed loved one, in honor of someone or simply as a way of contributing to the iconography project. The sheets purchased will be used on the various icons throughout the church.

Iconography is a critical step on the path to Consecration, the “Baptism and Chrismation” of our Church.  This project touches all that is holy in our Church, and all parishioners of St. George have the opportunity to be part of this effort and to "Leave Our Mark." Every contribution will have a positive impact – no contribution is too small and all contributions will be recognized.  If you have questions about gifting, contributions, Gold Leaf or simply want more information on the project.

Do you have questions about gifting, contributions or simply want more information about the Iconography Project? Please contact Father Andrew Eugenis frandrew@stgeorgeap.org or Anne Papageorge apapageorge@stgeorgeap.org or John Michals jmichals@desotc.com through the Church office 732-775-2777.

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