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Leaving Our Mark


Iconography Work is Halfway Complete!

The iconography reception was held on the 17th, and was a solid success. There was good turnout, people had a nice time, met the iconographers and had the opportunity to see finished work in the St. Efstratios Chapel. The reaction was overwhelmingly positive to the entire evening. Peter Lalli won the raffle for a hand painted icon of his choice. Many attendees purchased sheets of gold leaf as part of the Gold Leaf initiative. The highlight of the evening was the unveiling of the work in Chapel. Attendees were amazed at how the iconography added to the beauty of the Chapel. It is truly magnificent and enhances the spiritual feeling one gets when inside the Chapel. People also got to see the scaffolding and small pieces of the work underway in the Church. Most were surprised at the extent of the scaffolding. All parishioners are invited to come into the Church, see the scaffolding and visit the St. Efstratios Chapel.  It’s important to know, the Iconography Team donated the work in the Chapel, not only adding new works but freshening up the icons from our Asbury Park Church.

Given the hard work of the iconography team, work is running a little ahead of schedule. It’s a strong possibility Christmas services will be held in the Church. When the iconographers depart for Greece, they will begin working on the next phase of the project, scheduled for installation in October 2019.

The Iconography Project is a community project. Each and every one of us should be invested in the project, not just for ourselves, but for our children, their children and the next 90 years of generations to come.  No donation is too small and there are many ways to be financially involved:

         -Specific icon naming opportunities still exist; please contact Father Andrew, Anne Papageorge or John Michals to explore these opportunities.

         -The Gold Leaf initiative allows each of us to purchase one or more sheets of gold leaf to memorialize and/or commemorate friends and loved ones. Each sheet will be used in the installation process.

         -General contributions to the Iconography Fund can be made and many people in and outside our parish have done so.

         -And finally, groups of individuals can get together to contribute towards specific icons – i.e. Saint George and Saint Mary of Egypt. Please contact the church office for information regarding group icons.

We thank each and every one of you that have donated thus far!


Small Iconography Brochure

Pantocrator Brochure

Gold Leaf Program


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Welcome to our Iconographer George Giariskanis & his Team (Oct. 21, 2018)


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Iconography - In Progress (August, 2018)


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