Sunday School

Dear Parents,

Welcome to the St. George Orthodox Religious Education Program for 2018-2019!

As a direct Ministry of the Church, the mission of the Sunday School Program is to teach the children about Jesus Christ through the blessings and fullness of our Orthodox Faith by offering programs and events throughout the calendar year.

Your Sunday School Staff is looking forward to sharing this rewarding and awesome experience with your children.

A light snack is provided to all children before entering Sunday School class.

Below please find links to the calendar of events as well as registration forms for Sunday School itself and special programs throughout the year such as Oratorical, the Holy Friday Retreat, and Vacation Bible School. Please print out the appropriate forms and return them to the main office of the church.

If you have any questions, please email the director, Kristen Cline at kristen.et.cline@gmail.com and put Sunday School in the subject.


Sunday School Calendar

Sunday School Registration

Oratorical Festival Registration

Holy Friday Retreat Registration

Vacation Bible School Registration

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St.. George Sunday School 2018 - 2019