Spiritual Enrichment:

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Spiritual Enrichment Father Andrew Eugenis   frandrew@stgeorgeap.org  

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Spiritual Enrichment


Circle of Faith:

This internet ministry provides emails of podcasts, videos and daily readings to educate and deepen our understanding of our Journey to Orthodoxy.

Leader: Barbara Terlecsky     bterlecsky@aol.com


Fellowship of Prayer:

The ministry prays continually for the ill, believing in God's Will, compassion and love. Please inform us if someone is in need of prayer. First names are posted in the St. George Sunday Bulletin and on the website. Please add them to your daily prayer life.

Leader: George Moutis     gmoutis@scinj.com


Spiritual Growth:

This ministry provides many enlightening and educational programs throughout the year in harmony with the liturgical cycle helping participants to come to a deeper understanding of the Orthodox Faith.

Priest: Father Andrew Eugenis     frandrew@stgeorgeap.org


Sharing Our Faith Book Corner:

This group meets periodically to discuss books about the Orthodox Faith to enrich understanding of our lives through the lens of the Church.

Leader: Teri Lalli     tlalli@stgeorgeap.org


The Mustard Seed Book Store:

The new book store is open on Sundays during Coffee Hour and is stocked with a variety of books about Orthodoxy, liturgical music CD's, icons and other religious items.

Leader: Teri Lalli     tlalli@stgeorgeap.org