St. George - GOYA
Welcomes 7th to 12th Graders

GOYA stands for the Greek Orthodox Youth of America, a ministry created to guide young people into experiencing the Orthodox Faith by fostering a personal relationship with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ and becoming active, sacramental members of the living Church through community service and philanthropic endeavors. 

GOYA makes giving to those in need a priority. GOYA is dedicated to aiding the victims of natural disasters. The GOYA of St. George recruited other New Jersey GOYA chapters to help assemble relief packets and through International Orthodox Christian Charities (IOCC) distributed to the victims of Hurricane Katrina, the Japanese earthquake and tsunami, the earthquake in Haiti.       

Every Christmas our youth sponsors a Christmas Giving Tree. We receive names of local underprivileged families through Salvation Army and Local Charter School and their individual needs. We then have our parishioners sponsor each family by buying them a gift and our GOYA collects all the gifts and on Christmas morning while most kids are home opening their gifts our young people hand deliver the gifts to the underprivileged family’s homes.

GOYA has social, cultural, and athletic aspects as well. The Metropolis of New Jersey, a composition of all Greek Orthodox Churches in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland and Virginia, hosts multiple events that enable GOYA members to interact with others of the same faith and upbringing. These events range from dances and athletic tournaments to cultural festivals and competitions in which GOYA chapters perform authentic Greek folk dances, songs and dramas in an effort to celebrate and preserve the Greek culture.

Our Mission is to teach and keep our young people close to God and our Orthodox Christian faith through athletic, social and cultural events. Under the direction of Father Andrew Eugenis we have three advisors that help fulfill the Goya mission. George Moutis, helps with the spiritual aspects and Olympics; George Costidis, helps in all athletic events; and Maria Conery, helps with administration and communications. We also have Andrea Giannopoulos who manages the finances and bookeeping.

The forms below contain GOYA opportunities for the parents, as well as, forms that all goyans need to fill out before joining. Please print all of the forms then read and return with your goyan during one of our meetings or functions. The calender is tentative and subject to change.

We look forward to seeing you soon!